In this post I want to join exurb1a on his statement about privacy and the importance of it in our day-to-day life. And much more important than this I want to showcase how to do it better. For this I will create posts about Privacy Tools and Privacy in general from time to time.


This post is based on this video. I highly recommend watching it. It is a 10 out of 10 video about modern privacy. You can imagine the video to be based more on philosophical standpoint than on a technical one. He uses analogies but also explains a bit of the technical details. But the focus definitely lies on a philosophical point of view.

Why should I care about privacy?

If you say: “I like the amount of privacy I have right now” than you lay the first stones of a more privacy invading future. The way we do the things today shapes… no… determines the future!

If it is ok today than tomorrow it will be not. So in my opinion we have to change how we think about privacy.

The Erosion of Privacy Over Time

The digital landscape is ever-evolving, with technology penetrating deeper into our lives. What may seem like a tolerable invasion of privacy today could escalate into a more significant concern as new technologies and practices emerge. By proactively acknowledging this reality, we can actively participate in shaping the boundaries of our privacy. Especially empowering states or companies is a big issue. Even if your country currently is a well build democracy there can always be a change. As I am from Germany I am well aware of what countries with horrible ideas could do with those technologies at their fingertips.

Empowering People and Shaping How We Live Online

Privacy isn’t just about you or me it ripples through society. The choices we make today set the tone for tomorrow’s norms. The digital on social norms. When we stand up for privacy, we’re giving individuals the power to control their data and build a digital world that respects everyone’s rights in the online world and offline.

Let’s Be Mindful About Privacy

Changing our view on privacy is about making conscious choices. It’s looking at the way things are now, thinking about what could happen and actively finding ways to boost our online privacy. This isn’t just about shielding our own stuff, it’s about joining forces to make a digital world that’s more aware of privacy. Don’t let the powerful decide for us.

In simple terms, caring about privacy isn’t just a personal preference, it’s a shared responsibility that goes beyond just one person. It shapes where our digital journey is headed. Let’s get that, accept the responsibility, and team up for a future where privacy isn’t just talked about but truly looked after.

What should I do now?

I think the best you can do is staying well-informed to make good decisions. And this is not a thing you do once. It is a journey. There are many good sites which showcase good privacy respecting tools. If you are interested I always have a few interesting links at my Link-Page.

I also will showcase a couple of nice software I use and recommend. Stay tuned!