This Website

I am working on a personal website since march 2021. First I made a custom implementation but nowadays I am using a Hugo theme. Currently it is Paper Mod and in a earlier version I used the Toha theme. This removed a lot of work. I am now able to focus on the content and do not have to bother with design or implementation of the website. This page is Open Source on GitHub.


Fedodo is a decentral social network implementing the ActivityPub standard. It is kind of working but in an unstable state. It is a pretty big project and currently I am not working on it. But I think the whole project is pretty cool. Sadly I just don’t have the time…

In this post I described everything in detail if you are interested.

The project is Open Source on GitHub.

Preparation for a german IT certificate

While preparing for the german Fachinformatiker (computer science expert) certificate I published my notes in form of a website. Since than I am maintaining this webpage as an Open Source project on GitHub.

The project is growing relatively big. It has a couple of GitHub-Contributors and a lot of page views. I am writing about it only in German. You can find it under the Fachinformatiker Prüfungsvorbereitung tag.

The certificate is german and so is the website. It is called Fachinformatiker Prüfungsvorbereitung.